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Information on the Tips and Info page: calculating water volume or pond liner, preparing your pond for winter and more.
On our Plant Info Page you will find information on marginals, lotus, floating, submerged plants, planting and dividing lilies, U.S.D.A. hardiness zone map and more.
Also, for information on controlling pond algae---go to our Algae Info page.

               Pond Logic Shoreline Defense
Broad Spectrum Emergent Weed Killer --
Works on emergent aquatic weeds, including cattails and phragmites, and other shoreline vegetation: (Cattails, Creeping Water Primrose, Phragmites, Purple loosestrife, Alligator weed, Shoreline Grasses, Smartweed, Lily Pads, Spatterdock, Water Lettuce, Water Hyacinth and Water Shield) Pond Logic® Shoreline Defense® kills weeds down to their roots.
For best results, apply Shoreline Defense® while the chosen weed is in its active growing stage.
For cattails, it is best to apply during late summer to early fall.

Treatment 2,500 Sq. Feet use 8 Ounces per 2 Gallons water
5,000 Sq. Feet use 16 Ounces per 4 Gallons water 10,000 Sq. Feet use 32 Ounces per 8 Gallons water

When To Use Shoreline Defense®
Shoreline Defense® should be applied to target weeds while they are active and growing.
The active ingredients in Shoreline Defense® will be absorbed by the plant where it travels to the roots killing the entire plant.

How To Use Shoreline Defense®
Mix the desired amount of Shoreline Defense® and pond water in accordance to label directions.
Using a pressurized sprayer, spray the Shoreline Defense® mixture directly onto target weeds.
Treated weeds will begin to brown and die.
Once weeds are completely dead, cut and rake them away to prevent an accumulation of plant decay and pond muck.
Shoreline Defense® carries no water use restrictions.

State Restrictions: Shoreline Defense® can not be shipped to Alaska, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, or Washington.

Shoreline Defense 1-Quart
Shoreline Defense 1-Gallon

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Laguna Air Pump Kit 35 watt   (50LPM)

Acurel Polyester Pond Filter Pad (Single Pad)
$5.95 per pack

Alpine Powerhead™ 80-gph Pump

The Pond Boss 800-GPH Pond Pump with 6 watt UV, with maximum pumping height of 11.5 ft.

1000-GPH Pump with 6 watt UV, with maximum pumping height of 12 ft.

The 1300-GPH with 6 watt UV, is designed for waterfalls up to 10 ft. in height;
Maximum lift 16.5 ft.    

We have pondmaster (Danner mfg.) pump replacement parts - impellers, volutes, etc. 
Pondmaster Pump Replacement Parts

Fish Mate Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

Bamboo Rocking Fountain & Pump Kit -12"
Bamboo Rocking Fountain & Pump Kit - 20"

Solar Products

Some of the solar products listed in the Online Store are:  lights; Underwater -garden - globe, fountains, pumps, oxygenators (air pumps), pest control and more.
The latest solar product added to the store:

            Beckett Solar Lily Lights

Beckett Solar Powered LED Lily Pads Enhance your water garden with floating lily lights!
No operating cost and no wiring!
Approx. 1 ft. between light and Solar Panel pad.
Pads with lights are 5 inches in diameter,
Solar Panel pad is 6.5 inches diameter.
Includes: 1 Lily with Solar Panel and Battery
3 Flowering lily pads with LED lights.

               Beckett Solar Lily Lights

                          Pond Products

We carry quality name brand products from (to name a few):

Beckett,   Laguna,  Pondmaster (Danner Mfg.), Fishmate,   UltraClear,  Atlantic Water Gardens,  Microbe-Lift (Ecological  Laboratories Inc.), Tetra Pond,  Firestone,  Kordon, BioSafe Systems,   Pond Care,  Summit, Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery
NyconAlpine and many more.

Some of the products we carry are:

Pond Liners and Accessories,  

Pumps,  (pond and waterfall pumps up to 10,500-gph)
Atlantic Water Gardens, Beckett, CalPump, Fishmate, Lifegard, Little Giant, Pondmaster and Sicce.
Fountain / Statuary Pumps (from 35-gph to 550-gph

Filters,  Pond Fountains and Self Contained Fountains,

Skimmers,   UV Lights (Clarifiers / Sterilizers), 

Lighting, (Underwater and Accent) 

Spitters, (Spouters and Dripper Fountains) 

Plant Care Products Live Plants,

Fish Care: Fish Medications / Treatments,  

Fish Foods,  
Books,  Air Pumps,

Pond Maintenance Products

Water  Conditioners / Treatments,  Bird Products,  

Garden & Pond Decor,  

Repellents / Decoys, 

Waterfalls, Weirs and Spillways

and more at the lowest prices possible for all of your water gardening and pond supply needs.


              One of Our Featured Items:

Opus Tulip Hummingbird Feeder

Unique tulip design enhances any garden or yard.
Four sculpted flower feeding stations with integrated bee guards and perches.
Easy to fill and clean.
Measures 6" x 10". Holds 48 ounces.

                     Opus Tulip Hummingbird Feeder